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An American Story?

Although separated by over 9,000 miles, South Asians in both the United States and South Africa faced similar struggles against racist and exclusionary practices near the turn of the 20th century.

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Beyond the Muslim Ban

President Trump's Muslim ban became the focus of general outrage from the moment it was signed into law in January 2017. Tens of thousands of Americans gathered at airports to protest the order. Lawyers were quick to file challenges and, within a day, obtained orders suspending implementation of the ban. Nobel laureates, university presidents, tech executives, and former secretaries of state condemned the Muslim ban. Even Dick Cheney declared that the ban "goes against everything we stand for." But, of course, this was not the first time that the United States targeted a particular group for exclusion.

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A Good Death

If, as Amber Abbas writes, “a good death in South Asia is embodied in community,” what happens when a loved one passes away far from home? What kind of death is possible in absentia?

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The Ghadar Party

In November 1913 a group of Indian revolutionaries gathered at their newly established headquarters on a San Francisco hilltop to raise a red, yellow, and green flag that represented freedom, brotherhood, and equality. Signifying the values of the free India that they envisioned, these men were members of the Ghadar Party, a revolutionary group of Indians who sought to overthrow the British empire through armed revolution.

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