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Shalini Shankar is a sociocultural and linguistic anthropologist who has conducted ethnographic research with South Asian American youth and communities in Silicon Valley, with advertising agencies in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and with spelling bee participants and producers in various US locations. In this second installment of SAADA's "In the Mix: Conversations with Creators" series, we ask Professor Shankar about her newest book, Beeline: What Spelling Bees Reveal about Generation Z’s New Path to Success (2019).

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Unruly Visions

In the first installment of SAADA's In the Mix: Conversations with Creators series, we ask Professor Gopinath about her newest book Unruly Visions: The Aesthetic Practices of Queer Diaspora (2018).

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Until Humeysha

Humeysha’s music transcends and traverses borders both the sonic and the political, the sacred and the profane, each song reverberates with a heady sense of ascension, annihilation, even, in the Sufi sense of losing oneself in the cosmos. Each song, no matter holds a carefree sense of self, but alludes to eons, where political realities permeate, something that we as South Asian Muslim diasporic artists cannot avoid.

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Sounding Out Sanctuary

The soundscape of “Red” is similarly anchored in the piano and strings Anju has traditionally written with, but this time, the piano stutters and the strings swell to capture the grandeur of centuries-long retrospect as Anju conjures the hope that Joshee and Ramabai must have felt leaving something behind to create something new.

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