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What B.R. Ambedkar wrote to Jane Addams

It was during this month in New York that Ambedkar penned a letter to Jane Addams on December 15, 1931. The letter is written on Ambedkar’s own stationary, and its return address reveals that Ambedkar was staying at the International House at 500 Riverside Drive near the Columbia campus he roamed as a student.

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Clap Roti: Recipe and Reckoning

Your learning must be intentional, careful, and diasporically attuned. Even so, you must enter the kitchen already knowing that to get to Guyana, your ancestors traversed an Atlantic Ocean that represented nourishment and fulfillment, but also emptiness and displacement. Yes, this tension will gnaw at your livelihood, but you will be okay.

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United States of America vs. Vaishno Das Bagai

The Thind decision dealt a devastating blow to all South Asians in the United States, especially those who had become naturalized citizens. It disrupted dreams. It put already vulnerable people at further risk of discrimination. And it further codified anti-Asian racism.

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Activist, Scholar, Dandy

Born in Gujarat in 1911 and educated in anticolonial schools from the age of eleven onward, Krishnalal Shridharani was both a product of transnational organizing and a contributor to it.

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