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Counting the Skyless Days

"The stories I’ve had the privilege of documenting tell us about our collective past, but they also nudge us to think about our current role in reimagining the systems that box us. " 2020-21 Archival Creators Fellow Savannah Kumar writes on how she made her project accessible to incarcerated community members boxed in by the system through her "Archive in an Envelope" initiative.

A Hunger for Fresh Food, a Taste of Chutney, and Freedom

Archival Creators Fellow Savannah Kumar recounts the dehumanizing treatment of incarcerated people as they are deprived of nutritionally and culturally appropriate food by the carceral system.

Constructing an Archive and Deconstructing Carcerality

Archival Creators Fellow, Savannah Kumar explores stories of South Asian Americans affected by incarceration