Our Stories
An Introduction to South Asian America

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". . . to suddenly discover yourself existing. . ."

As a person of South Asian heritage, you have perhaps wondered how your story fits into the American story. Our Stories: An Introduction to South Asian America holds the answers. In this book you will find the many ways that South Asian Americans have helped to build, shape, question, challenge, and make our country what it is today.

Our Stories should be in the hands of every South Asian American. Chock-full of unknown histories, Our Stories brings together the voices of sixty-four renowned authors to demonstrate the diversity, vibrancy, and power of the South Asian American community.
Collector's Edition (Hardcover): 978-1-7371759-7-1
Print Edition (Paperback): 978-1-7371759-0-2
Digital Edition (EPUB): 978-1-7371759-3-3

OCLC Number / Unique Identifier: 1267516492

Physical Description: xxxv, 441 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm

Chapter 1: Early South Asian American History (pre-1923)
Chapter 2: Forging Lives in Uncertain Times (1923–1965)
Chapter 3: Immigration after the Civil Rights Movement (1965– )
Chapter 4: Post-9/11
Chapter 5: Identity & Equality
Chapter 6: Faith & Religion
Chapter 7: Civic Engagement
Chapter 8: Arts & Popular Culture
Chapter 9: Work, Labor, and Entrepreneurship
Chapter 10: Family

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Educator Companion for Our Stories
Created by a team of educators, this companion includes discussion questions and activities for educators to utilize Our Stories in high school & college classrooms.
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Companion Website
For further exploration, this website links to relevant resources and additional archival materials tailored to the content in each chapter.
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What initially started as a book about community soon became a community of its own. It is only because of the support of that community that this book is in existence today.

We are deeply grateful to the 407 backers who supported Our Stories on Kickstarter, believing in the importance of this project before a single page was written. The generosity of these supporters has ensured that South Asian American stories can now be shared in homes, schools, and libraries across the country.

Our thanks also go to the twenty-two community members who served as early readers for Our Stories, and whose thoughtful feedback improved the book immeasurably.

The hundreds of insets, image captions, and other ancillary materials in this book were primarily authored by two individuals, Imran Siddiquee and Nivetha Karthikeyan. The editor for is Heidi Hill, the design was created by Brian Cook, and the layout was done by Varisa Tantiwasadakran.

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