Basement Bhangra Unplugged
In 1997, DJ Rekha (Rekha Malhotra), brought her love of bhangra and hip-hop to the New York City party scene and launched Basement Bhangra at SOBs. Just weeks before Basement Bhangra’s last hurrah, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at NYU celebrated the party’s twenty-year legacy, and the communities, life-long friendships, and enduring organizations that were born on its dance floor. SAADA was on hand to record Basement Bhangra memories from event attendees.

First Days Project
SAADA's First Days Project shares 700+ stories of immigrant and refugee first days in the United States.

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Road Trips Project
SAADA’s Road Trips Project highlights the long and diverse history of South Asians traveling across this country as a way to reframe an American tradition.

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SAJA @ 25
During the spring of 1994, in the backroom of restaurant in New York called Lancers, four South Asian journalists brought together 18 other journalists of South Asian origin in the hopes of finding and building a community for themselves. Fast forward 25 years, and SAJA now connects more than 1,000 journalists all over North America. "It serves as a network for education, inspiration and training South-Asian journalists in America and those covering South Asia and South Asian diaspora."

Election Stories (2020)
In the Election Stories project, SAADA invited reflections from the South Asian American community on the hopes, fears, feelings and memories that marked their lives in the lead up to the 2020 presidential election.