We Deh Yah, Still
Representations of identity, culture, and experiences of Indo-Jamaicans in South Florida

Curator: Michael A. Henry
Artwork: Amanda Williams
Solidarity Forever
South Asian workers who have engaged with labor organizing in the United States

Curator: Sandhya Jha
Artwork: madhvi trivedi-pathak
Transcripts: Nash Micabani
Memories We Carry
Migration experiences of Zoroastrian South Asians in the United States

Curator: Sharmeen Mehri
Artwork: Leea & Zara Contractor
Unabashed and Unbroken
Telling the stories of Afghan women in their own perspectives

Curator: Zainab Mohsini
Artwork: Zainab Ahmadi
Being Nepali
Stories of people who have been marginalized within Nepali spaces

Curator: Luna Ranjit
Artwork: Untamed Anatomy
Leading Communities of Care
Bangladeshi women-led mutual aid efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic

Curator: Joymala Hajra
Artwork: Jabin Ahmed
Still Standing
Stories of first-generation South Asian-owned small businesses across New York City

Curator: Sanjana Nigam
Artwork: Bhumika Mukherjee
Heart of a Hero
Showcasing the stories of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Curator: Roshni Shah
Artwork: Meghna Banker
Satrang at 25
Satrang and its relationship to broader queer diasporic South Asian worldmaking.
The Problem: A 5-part Series
On February 19, 1923, the U.S. Supreme Court decided unanimously to bar South Asians from becoming American citizens. This series explores what led up to the 1923 decision, its impact on the community then, and its continued ramifications today.
An Altar to Dalit Honor
Uncovering the stories of Dalit people – specifically Dalit women – in the U.S.

Curator: Dhanya Addanki
Artwork: Mon M.
The Things We Carried
Stories and materials of Guyanese immigrants in the New York metro area

Curator: Gaiutra Bahadur
Queer Brown Feelings
Archive of South Asian American queer and trans stories

Curator: Mustafa Saifuddin
Artwork: Hanifa Hameed
Moving Memories
Experiences of Bangladeshi queer migrants in the U.S.

Curators: Efadul Huq & Rasel Ahmed
Artwork: Dipankar singha & Ata Mojlish
Excerpts from an Epidemic
Impact of HIV and AIDS within the South Asian American community

Curator: Nikhil D. Patil
Artwork: Kavya Tiwari
Tamil Feminist Liberation
Multigenerational legacy of Ilankai Tamil feminist dissent

Curator: Kartik Amarnath
Artwork: Maya McCoy