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United States of America vs. Vaishno Das Bagai

The Thind decision dealt a devastating blow to all South Asians in the United States, especially those who had become naturalized citizens. It disrupted dreams. It put already vulnerable people at further risk of discrimination. And it further codified anti-Asian racism.

America for Americans

In this installment of SAADA's "In the Mix: Conversations with Creators" series, we're sitting down with "one of the nation’s leading immigration and Asian American historians," Erika Lee to discuss her new release titled America for Americans: A History of Xenophobia in the United States (2019).

Legacies of the 1965 Immigration Act

Fifty years ago on October 3, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Immigration and Nationality Act into law. The 1965 Immigration Act remains the foundation of U.S. immigration law and represents the last time that the U.S. passed comprehensive immigration reform. It has transformed every aspect of American society. But Asian Americans, especially Indian Americans, have been particularly affected by this landmark act.