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Beyond Apu

SAADA’s new interview with Hari Kondabolu - he talks about The Simpsons, what he wishes he could have included in his documentary, and how to start engaging with South Asian American history.

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Gyandev of India

"You may not know this, but they make movies in India…"

On April 9, 1943, "Gyandev of India" premiered at the Little Carnegie Playhouse in New York City, the first all sound motion picture from India to be exhibited in the US.

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From Partition to the Present

This past November, Bay Area artists Rupy Tut and Nadhi Thekkek produced a mixed media bharatanatyam performance entitled Broken Seeds (Still Grow). Presented at The Flight Deck in Oakland, CA, Broken Seeds featured live spoken word and music, along with projections of Tut’s calligraphy and miniature paintings as a backdrop to Thekkek’s choreography. Following the Friday, November 17th performance, Tides Co-editor and SAADA Academic Council member, Anantha Sudhakar, moderated an artist panel with Tut, Thekkek and the dancers who participated in the show.

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Bhagat Singh Thind in Jail

On February 19th, 1923, Bhagat Singh Thind was denied American citizenship by the Supreme Court. Almost two decades later, he struggled for his freedom in a prison cell.

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