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Nepali Roots in Hostile Soils

Luna Ranjit's Archival Creators Fellowship project seeks to question and complicate the Nepali identity by documenting stories of Dalit, Janjati, and Madhesi communities whose voices have been silenced because of their caste or ethnicity.

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The Legacies of Small Businesses

As a young grad student Archival Creators Fellow Sanjana Nigam interviewed a small but iconic Bangladeshi restaurant owner. Fast forward two years, the restaurant closed its doors but its legacy inspired a project to immortalize small businesses.

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A Quotient of Sweetness

Sharmeen Mehri's Archival Creators Fellowship project tells the story of the Zoroastrian diaspora and the evolution of their traditions and community as a result of their migration experiences. Read as she explores how generations of migrating, assimilating, and conforming still leaves them asking the question—where do we belong?

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Heroes Are Human

The Covid crisis demanded healthcare workers to step up, but despite South Asians making up a large percentage of the workforce on the frontlines, our stories remain silent. Archival Creators Fellow Roshni Shah's project aims to change that.

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