An archive of Bangladeshi queer migrants in the U.S.

Dipankar Singha


Dipankar Singha (Ankur Sinha) is an aspiring artist from Bangladesh. Born in Khulna, he completed his BFA from the Department of printmaking, Faculty of Fine arts in the University of Dhaka and MFA from the Department of graphics/printmaking from the visual art faculty, Rabindrabharati University, Kolkata under ICCR scholarship. A craftsman by passion, his goal is to tell the stories that influence him and others from his experience and through his arts and crafts. Constantly trying to evolve, his goal is to depict sociopolitical and personal stories through his arts.

He was awarded the faculty best and department best award and is presently practising visual art and craft.

Instagram: @ank_ur_sin


Ata Mojlish


A native of Bangladesh (b. 1995), Ata Mojlish, currently lives and works in Austin, Texas. Working with a variety of mediums that include photography, digital reconstruction, video, motion graphics, audio and installations, he researches questions on perception, presence and place.

In addition to his practice, he also co-founded Ghartera and Cartoon People two distinct art spaces focused on creating creative outlets in the Bangladeshi community.

Instagram: @atamojlish

Rasel Ahmed


Rasel Ahmed is a community-based filmmaker, archivist, and educator. He is the co-founder and editor of the first Bangladeshi LGBT magazine Roopbaan. Through his film and political work, Rasel explores the themes of migration, displacement, and exile. He is the co-founder of a community-based archive calledQueer Archives of the Bengal Delta. Rasel has an MFA from Columbia University and has recently joined the Ohio State University's Theatre, Film, and Media Arts Department.