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Social Media Harassment Directed at YaliniDream for Feminist Approaches to Tamil Politics

These screenshots document just a sample of the social media toxicity directed at YaliniDream. These posts demonstrate the resistance that people in the Tamil community hold against nuanced and feminist approaches to Tamil politics. Much of this harassment comes from people with nationalist political orientations. It is not to equate nationalism with misogyny, but to show how misogyny is deployed to push back against political difference within the Tamil community.

She kept screenshots of these posts so that she could show people why she felt on edge about preserving her security and safety by taking precautions others are not necessarily as accustomed to. Her challenges with maintaining a sense of safety in light of online harassment illustrate the difficulties of being a Tamil feminist in Tamil political spaces while holding dissident views. Ultimately, these images show the level of harm perpetrated within our community due to political difference.

Yalini requested these images be archived, not only in service to others who are committed to political activism and dissent while also having to endure and/or fear online harassment, but also so that she can finally let go of the burdens of these messages within herself.

Date: 2021
Subject(s): YaliniDream
Type: Publication
Source: Archival Creators Fellowship Program
Creator: Kartik Amarnath
Contributor: YaliniDream

Collection: Kartik Amarnath Fellowship project
Donor: YaliniDream
Item History: 2022-07-29 (created); 2022-09-27 (modified)

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