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Rajan Maharjan Oral History Interview

Rajan Maharjan is a first generation immigrant from Nepal currently living in Queens, NY and working in Manhattan. The interviewee discussed growing up in Yala in Kathmandu valley, coming from a farming community, his family, struggles of early days in New York, his literary forays, and hopes for his young daughter. Also discussed: caste, ethnicity, class in Nepal and Nepali diaspora.

In this slideshow, you will see:
Asmita Maharjan (Rajan Maharjan's wife) graduating with her LLM degree in 2018. She was lawyer in Nepal. She went back to school to be able to practice law in New York.

Rajan Maharjan working in their family farm. The photo is blurry because it was taken on an old mobile phone.

The slip from JHENY, an employment agency, that sent Rajan Maharjan to his first job in New York working in a warehouse. The agency took half of his first week's paycheck.

The day Rajan Maharjan and his wife, Asmita Maharjan, arrived in New York, their cousins took them to the Times Square from Queens.

Immigration, Memory & Remembrance, Reflections on America

Duration: 01:05:15

Date: January 30, 2022
Subject(s): Rajan Maharjan
Type: Oral History
Source: Archival Creators Fellowship Program
Creator: Luna Ranjit
Contributor: Rajan Maharjan
Location: Queens, NY

Collection: Luna Ranjit Fellowship Project
Donor: Rajan Maharjan
Item History: 2022-06-30 (created); 2022-07-01 (modified)

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