An obituary for Kalpesh Narendra Oza

An obituary written by Punam Khosla and Datejie

Kalpesh Narendra Oza was a microbiologist, artist, and AIDS activist, who contributed to the work of many Canadian AIDS groups including the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP), the Canadian HIV Trials Network, and ACT UP Montreal. They loved to perform and frequented the Desh Pardesh festival where they are best known for their performance piece, “Living with AIDS on Roller Blades.” Given the cross-border participation of American attendees at the Desh Pardesh festival in Toronto, Kalpesh was a known figure within both Canadian and American AIDS activist networks. His passing warranted a mention in the July 1995 issue of Khush Khayal, an internationally distributed newsletter for queer South Asians.

Gender & Sexuality

Date: 1995
Subject(s): Kalpesh Narendra Oza
Type: In Memoriam

Collection: Nikhil D. Patil Fellowship Project
Item History: 2021-06-25 (created); 2021-06-25 (modified)

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