Shew Persaud's Naturalization Petition

Shew Persaud was born in Georgetown, Guiana's colonial capital, in 1881. After arriving in the United States on a ship that sailed via Barbados, he petitioned to become a U.S. citizen twice, in 1917 and 1924. The first time, he was working as a dishwasher and living in West Harlem, separated from his wife, who was still in British Guiana. When he petitioned the second time, he was working as an elevator operator, and he had lost his wife. He described himself in government documents as the widowed father of five children, ages 10 to 18, who were all living with him. The 1917 petition identifies him as "Black."

Early Immigration

Date: 1917
Subject(s): Shew Persaud
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Location: New York, NY

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