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Letter from P. Mathur to Abnashi Ram

Letter from P. Mathur to Abnashi Ram. Letter is dated August 2, 1963. Mathur discusses his youngest son, Francis, and other topics.

Date: August 2, 1963
Type: Correspondence

Indian Embassy,
Czechoslovakia, 2nd Aug. 1963.

My dear Ram,

I was very pleasantly surprised to find your letter in my today’s mail. It is a most welcome letter I am very happy to hear from you. In fact I sent you a New Year card to your old address in Los Angeles, but it was returned back to me as the address was not correct. Believe me, my wife and I often remember you. I cherish very happy memories of our collaboration in 1933 in Chicago and my wife also remembers your kindnesses when she was in San Francisco in 1939-40.

During these two-three decades since we met, xx lot of changes in the world have taken place and also in my personal life. After holding various posts, I now am in my present assignment, which I am liking very much. The last news I had about you was from our late-lamented friend, Mr. Chenon when he visited me in Paris in 1952-53.

How are you getting on and what are you doing? I see from your Beverly Hill address that you are now living in the vicinity of millionaires. I am sure you must have also not become a millionaire !

You would perhaps remember my youngest son, Francis, who was born in San Francisco. He is now a big man. He has passed recently the Degree Examination B.E. with Honours from the Dublin University College, Dublin. He will be sailing for New York by Queen Mary on the 26th September and reaching New York xx on the 2nd October. He is trying to get admission in the Caltech or Stanford University, but so far he has not succeeded. I am enclosing a statement of his particulars and if you have some good friends you might like to try for his admission. IN case he is not able to get admission in the University for his Master’s Degree, he would like to join some big firm to get practical experience by holding a good job and side by side during the evening hours to study for the M.Sc Examination. He is an Electronics Engineer and quite a brilliant chap having obtained Honours in his University Degree. You might perhaps also like to explore possibility of some opening with Electronics firm in your area as I understand that California is today the main centre of electronics industry.

Are you participating in the New York World Fair in 1964? My wife still has some good and pleasant memories of the World Fair of San Francisco in 1940. If there is anything that we could do for you, please do not hesitate to write to us and let me assure you that I shall be looking forward to hear from you very often.

With kindest regards from both of us to you,

Yours sincerely,

(M.P Mathur)

Mr. A. Ram,
P.O.BOX No.1474,
Beverly Hills,
California (U.S.A).


As requests vista for Francis, he can get ‘study visa’ if he has obtained admission in a University, which he has not got so far. He can also get a ‘work vista’ which will enable him to join some firm, if he has a letter or an offer of employment from a USA firm. He has also not got this. He has to work side by side with his[?] [?]. So we are in a [?] [?] present. Have you any suggestions? What [?] of [?] you

Would a letter from your firm or your Associates help him to get a visa.
I could easily get a visa for him worth several study but [?] with this visa he would not be able to work. So think over this matter & let me have your advice.


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