Correspondence to Mubarek Ali Khan

Compilations of letters written to India Welfare League President Mubarek Ali Khan by Sir Girja Shankha Bajpai, Minister Plenipotentiary and Agent General for India to the United States, and the Honorable Nalik Sir Firoz Khan Noon, India’s Representative on the War Cabinet, respectively. Messrs. Bajpai and Noon express support for Khan's work to advance Senate bill 236 and other legislation to permit all people from India residing in the United States to be naturalized. Khan sent this compilation of the letters to the Senate Committee on Immigration to underscore widespread support for such legislation. The compilation became part of the committee's records regarding S.236.

Citizenship & Voting

Date: 1944
Subject(s): Mubarek Ali Khan, Luce-Cellar Act of 1946
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Mubarek Ali Khan, Girija Shankar Bajpai, Feroz Khan Noon

Holding Institution: National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.
Collection: U.S. Senate Committee on Immigration Bill Files
Folder: S.236, Committee on Immigration, SEN 79A-E1, Box 22
Digitizer: Anu Kasarabada
Item History: 2015-03-19 (created); 2015-04-29 (modified)

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