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Rani Bagai on "Kala Bagai Chandra and Mahesh Chandra"

Part of a video interview of Rani Bagai conducted on June 3, 2013. In this section, Rani Bagai describes her experiences with her grandmother Kala Bagai Chandra and provides information regarding her marriage to Mahesh Chandra. Rani describes how Mahesh Chandra was originally a close friend of Vaishno Das Bagai and his wife Kala in the U.S.. After Vaishno Das Bagai died in 1928, Kala eventually was remarried to Mahesh Chandra. According to Rani, Mahesh Chandra came to the U.S. with six or seven siblings, many of whom were active in the Indian Independence movement. Mahesh's brother Ishwar was particularly active.

Date: June 3, 2013
Subject(s): Rani Bagai, Kala Bagai, Mahesh Chandra
Type: Oral History
Language: English
Creator: Emily McNish
Contributor: Ben Maizell
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Donor: Emily McNish
Item History: 2013-08-21 (created); 2013-09-26 (modified)

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