Letter from William Arba Ellis to Taraknath Das

Letter from William Arba Ellis to Taraknath Das dated August 24, 1909. Ellis expresses regret that Das has left Norwich University, and asks him to send more Hindus to the school.

Date: August 24, 1909
Subject(s): Taraknath Das
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: William Arba Ellis
Location: Northfield, VT

August 24, 1909

Mr. Taraknath Das,
707 13th Avenue, North,
Seattle, Washington.

Dear Mr. Das,-
Your letter of the 3rd inst received and should have answered sooner, but owing to vacations.

I sent your letter to Gen. Dodge as you requested. I am glad that you are well located and I wish you the best of success. Am sorry, indeed, to have you leave here, but it all may be for your own good. I hope you will send us more Hindu students and keep the good work along.

Fred Earle has left Northfield and gone to New York to enlist in the Navy. He expects to get an appointment to Annapolis. He thought it would be a good preliminary to get some naval experience before entering the school. I hope you will write him, he thought a great deal of you and spoke several times about your not writing. A letter addressed to him at North Bennington, Vt. will be forwarded.

I am getting along fairly well with the history and have gotten your cut made. I send you a proof of same. I shall be very glad to get your subscription to the history if you feel so disposed.

I will give you the addresses of some of the N.U. men in Seattle and I wish you would call on them.

Gen. E. M. Carr, 605-6 Lowman Bldg.
B.T. Carr, ('82) 206 Third Ave. South.
A. Whipple Wilkins, c/o Pacific Fir Co., Maynard Bldg.

I hope you will make an effort to see Mr. Wilkins and tell him about the history and what we are doing.

There is another cadet in the city, Harry Oakes Young '03. He was a cadet here for a year or two and is said to be in Seattle. I hope you will hunt him up and send me his address. You do not need to mention to these men that I asked you to call, but would greatly appreciate it if you would incidentally drop in on them.

Keep me posted, Das, as to where you are and I will do what I can for you. Gen. Dodge has been very dangerously ill and it was feared for a while that he would not recover. He is now in Glenwood Springs, Colo. He is feeling some better now and when the proper time comes I will write him in regard to you.

Again wishing you success and hoping to hear from you often,
I remain,
Yours very truly,

Holding Institution: Norwich University
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