Letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to Julia

Letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to Julia, dated October 5, 1961. The letter details Gyanee's ideas about "Self-Culture philosophy," encouraging the letter recipient to get together with students to compare notes on his lectures and course materials . Gyanee also makes a request to the recipient to subscribe to the quarterly ETC and to the International Society for General Semantics for his Self-Culture organization.

Date: October 5, 1961
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bhagwan Singh Gyanee

Oct 5th 1961

My dear Julia:

There is so much that is taking place all over the world, and so fast, that it is difficult to find a point or place to start with. Our Planet has been revolving around the sun at the speed of about 19 miles per second, for so many billion of years, that everybody on it, has become dizzy. Being fated by the law of gravity to stick to this twirling Planet of ours, that scientific minds are busy finding a way to detach themselves for awhile, and watch this World passing by. Some day we will have inter-planetary transportation and communication and to our surprise, we may find that other Bodices are moving even faster than our Earth. It is in comparison that we will learn that we are not so badly off after all...and maybe glad to come back and settled down.

I often think, how nice it would be for you, students, to get together once a week or twice a month, for an hour or so, to compare your notes and reminesce over the Lectures and Class material on Self-Culture,-(if you have made any notes). After discussion, the group could formulate some questions on the problems upon which further light is desired to be shed and send them to me, I will try to answer you be mail. This may proove to be a useful source of information, as well as further study of Self-Culture philosophy.... The material thus formulated may, later on be appropriated inot a text-book on S-C Teaching. Thus you students will become a source of inspiration in originating a new line of thought in a series of articles and books. Think it over and let me know the reaction.

Enclosed is a subscription blank for a Quarterly Publication “ETC” and Membership in the International Society for General Semantics which is due for renewal. We are experiencing great exchange difficulties from Rupees to American Dollars. Will you be kind enough to subscribe “ETC” & Membership for me for the next two years. The amount will be Ten Dollars That would be a great help for our students here and the Library as well as a personal contribution for furthering the Teaching. It will be deeply appreciated. Such links as personal correspondence and contacts with sources of information, where I have spent more than forty years, are always valuable. Please convey my love and blessings to all the students you meet.

Thanking you in advance and with best personal wishes to you,

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