Letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to Mr. Winter

Letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to William Winter, a news reporter on KABC Los Angeles. Titled “The Need of Our Time,” the letter outlines Gyanee's ideology, and mentions how Gyanee had met Winter at Jerry Hundel’s reception for the Consul General of India.

Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bhagwan Singh Gyanee
Location: 2031-1/2 Workman Street, Los Angeles, CA

2031-1/2 Workman St. Los Angeles 31, Calif. CA 2-6640 My dear Mr. Winter: THE NEED OF OUR TIME (Just an idea, a suggestion, for your consideration.) Society, per se, is an aggregate of individuals. It has no brains, no will nor direction of its own and no response-mechanism. These belong to its citizens. It is divided within itself by pressure groups,-selfish, contradictory and destructive which eventually become a drag. As such, Society is backward, stimulated only by the ideas of creative thinkers. Without creative minds of its citizens, it becomes decadent and perishes. Dead civilizations are the Mausoleum of social inaptitudes. We are facing this very problem now, all over. The question is: WHAT, if anything, can be DONE? By whom and how? SUGGESTION: There are individuals in every Nation who are aware of this problem and who are doing what they can individually, in their own fields of activity. These brave men and women are the builders of the future. I am wondering if these enlightened minds, well aware of existing dangers could not get together, at their own convenience, every so often, in offering some solution to this present dilemma and for INTER-CHANGE of IDEAS. The beginning of all great movements is always small and simple. They become complex only by appropriating values of experience, grow and OUT-grow, otherwise they decay, decline and perish. To identify myself: I had the pleasure of meeting you and your charming companion at Jerry Hundel’s reception given in honor of the Consul General of India last month. Listening to your program every day, admiring your mental clarity and recognizing the fearless voice of compassion, I have established mental kinship with you, hence this approach. If the intellectually matured cannot offer their fore-sight at critical times, to whom shall humanity look for guidance? I appeal to you, please give a little time to this thought and let me hear from you. Sincerely yours,

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