Letter from Bhagwan Singh to Mrs. Ellen Watumull

Letter from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee to Ellen Watumull dated October 9 , 1959. Writing from Chandigarh, Gyanee responds to news of J.G. Watumull's passing, and mentions that Taraknath Das has also recently passed away.

Date: October 9, 1959
Subject(s): Ellen Watumull, Taraknath Das
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bhagwan Singh Gyanee
Location: Chief Minister's Guest House, Chandigarh, India

Chief Minister’s Guest House
Chandigarh, Punjab, India

Octber 9, 1959

My dear Mrs. Watmul:
  At the moment the 7th Session of Moral and Social Hygiene is taking place in Chandigarh and some one from Delhi has just informed me that your illustrious husband and my personal fiend had passed away.

  It was a dreadful shock to hear this and I hasten to express my deeply felt sympathy to you and the children. Just a year to-morrow I left the U.S.A. for India after fifty years You both were instrumental in my returning home. J.G. was one of my countrymen who understood the significance of my exile in the fight for freedom. His leaving us is a great loss to you and to all who knew him and appreciated his generosity and patriotic spirit.

  Another friend, a great patriot and revolutionary Comrade, Dr Taraknath Das, has a lso passed away since I left America. In the vision of my memory I still see him crying as we embraced in a farewell just a year ago this very day, saying: “Bhai Ji you are lucky to be called back to Motherland by the Chief Minister of Punjab. I do not think I will ever see India again. I will die in foreign land!”

  Thus, my dear, one by one in due course of time all of us have to answer the inevitable call.
For the months of May and June, we opened a “Self-Culture Institute” at Chail, Simla Hills with the blessings of our Chief Minister, Sardar Partap Singh Kairon and the department of Education of the Government of Punjab. We had a very successful experiment in establishing connection with the Youth of India, though ever since our return to the plains on July 7th I have been ill, most of the time in bed. However my former vigour is returning fro the past two weeks and just a few days ago, actually on Oct 4th, we have formed a permanent “Self-Culture Association” in Punjab, which we hope will be All India-wise in time.

  Were J.G. with us he would rejoice, as I know you will, in the fact that in this short space of time I have sewn the seed of Patriotism in the hearts of more than 500 boys and girls, graduates and B A and M A degrees, as well as enlisted the cooperation of various college and univierssty(?) Principa ls,allover Punjab, and kindling the flame of Nationalism and Service to the Country.

  May the tree of Indo-American Friendship which both of you have planted and nurtured through the years grwo and bear fruit bringing our two Countries closer together.

  There are some points I am not clear about…. What caused his deathww—was he ill very long----?? I would appreciate hearing from you, telling me about yourself, and the family. When you come to India, please let me know. I want very much to see you.

  With my best wishes to you and your always

  Sincerely yours,

Mrs. J.G. Watmul   % Chief Minister’s Guest House
2443 Koa Ave.,   Chandigarh, Punjab, India
Honolulu 1, Hawaii

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