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Letter from Anup Singh to Concorde Brodeur

Letter from Anup Singh to Concorde Brodeur, Bhagwan Singh Gyanee's secretary, dated September 15, 1962. In the letter, Singh writes about the death of Gyanee, offering his condolences.

Date: September 15, 1962
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Anup Singh
Location: 13-B Ferozshah Road, New Delhi, India

Ferozshah Rd.
New Delhi

My dear Miss Concord,

I had been thinking of writing to you almost every day since our revered Gianiji passed away. My heart has been so full of grief that I have not been able to muster up enough courage to convey to you my inner feelings. How can anyone find appropriate and adequate words to express what has so thoroughly shaken me and all others who are so deeply attached and devoted to him? What a ghostly and unexpected tragedy has overwhelmed us.

It is so sad to recall that Giani Ji's heart was heavy with the excruciating feelings, that he was neglected by the doctors who were attending him. It is a frightful wrong that can not be rectified. It would serve no purpose to brood over it. We can only pray for solace to his soul in the year after and get ourselves gradually reconciled to the inevitable.

I had known Giani ji since 1922. SO full of life, so pulsating with vigour and visions of an ever expanding greater and happier life for his fellow beings. He had in the evening of his life initiated a new movement and he communicated that zest for a nobler life to all those who were privileged to be in his company. I know he was at times so oppressed by surrounding pettiness that he witnessed in the free India of his dreams, but I am sure that with the profundity of his insight into human behaviour he harbored no malice and he never abandoned the hope that through individual initiative society ultimately could be redeemed to approximate to our cherished hopes.

Gianiji is no longer with us physically but we shall all cherish his memory. What a stunning blow this must have been to you - his companion, disciple, coworker and admirer? I have no idea about your plans which can not be easily formulated in these bewildering and desolate circumstances. But do let me know if I can be of any help in your hour of trial. Is any ceremony being planned? I am so sorry that much as I wanted to that I could not be with you at the cremation.

Please write to me when ever you can and convey my profoundest sympathies to the bereaved members of Giani ji's family.

With best wishes and respect for your moving dedication to a cause.

Sincerely yours --
Anup Singh

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