Letter from C.L. Saxby to Bhagwan Singh Gyanee

Letter from C.L. Saxby to Dr. Gyanee regarding Gyanee's upcoming lecture at the Minneapolis Public Library.

Date: September 18, 1936
Subject(s): Bhagwan Singh Gyanee
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: C.L. Saxby
Location: Minneapolis, MN

September 18, 1936

Dr. Bhagwan S. Gyannee
2429 Myrtle Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Dr. Gyanee:

I have tardily realized that no confirmation of the date and arrangements for your lecture here have gone from this office. Permit me to check over the situation with you.

It is my understanding that you have agreed to talk before the Public Library forum on Wednesday evening, September 30, at 7:30.

You are going to talk an hour or more to explain and discuss the background of India and of Hindu thinking. You are sketching the growth of Hindu culture and showing us what has produced eastern philosophy and what that philosophy is. In the end, you are comparing and contrasting eastern and western philosophies.

These are the things that you mentioned when we talked the other morning.

I shall publicize your lecture as INDIA: ITS PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE and again--WAS KIPLING RIGHT? CAN EAST MEET WEST?

If you can give us some fragmentary questions and subtitles and suggestions of the points that you are going to bring out, I shall be very glad to have them for publicity purposes.

I want to thank you for your invitation through Roger Jobes to attend your lectures in the Radisson Hotel. I am really hoping to hear one of the subjects in the present course before the week is over.

The best of luck to you and your fine work.

Very truly yours,

Public Relations Director


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