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The Independent Hindustan (October 1920)

The October issue of The Independent Hindustan (Vol. 1, No. 2), the official organ of the Hindustan Gadar Party, featured original editorials and essays. Several of the news items focus on other anti-colonial movements. For instance, the issue reports that Irish labor leader James Joseph Larkin expressed solidarity to Taraknath Das, the Secretary of the Friends of Freedom for India (FFI). Likewise, the issue reports that in September, “ten thousand American citizens joined the parade to protest against English barbarities in India and Ireland” in Philadelphia. This parade was also organized by the FFI, led by Basanta Koomar Roy. A full listing follows:

• “A Tale of Assam Tea”
• “The English-Made Independence for Egypt”
• “The League of the Oppressed Peoples”
• “The Prince Goes to His Pa”
• “Martyr Mayor MacSwiney”
• “Doing England’s Dirty Work” by Basanta Koomar Roy
• “The Portugues in India” by a Colonist
• “The Tolls on the Claim of Liberty” by Bhagat Singh
• “India Enmeshed in Imperialism” by Surendra Karr
• “The Blood of India. A Poem” by Guy Bogart
• Review of The Rising Tide of Color by Lothrop Stoddard

Freedom Movement

Date: October 1920
Language: English
Source: The Independent Hindustan
Contributor: Basanta Kumar Roy, Bhagat Singh, Surendra Karr, Guy Bogart
Publisher: Hindustan Gadar Party
Location: 5 Wood Street, San Francisco, CA

Collection: Gadar Party
Item History: 2012-01-11 (created); 2013-05-03 (modified)

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