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"M. H. H. Joachim: Notable Author and Traveler"

Pamphlet promoting the lectures of M.H.H. Joachim, a graduate of the University of Calcutta, who traveled in Europe and America and began to publish a series of books on India. Joachim was solicited for the following lectures: "East and West in a New World Renaissance," "Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement," "Comparative Religions," "Hindu Literature, Poetry and Folklore," "The Women of India," "India's Economic Situation,""The Caste System of India," "Hindu Philosophical Systems." In the pamphlet, Joachim describes his lectures as a refutation of Kipling's famous maxim on the East and West ("never the twain shall meet"). The rest of the pamphlet describes the details of his lectures as well as several positive reviews of his lectures from local newspapers. Joachim was managed by the agent Lee Kedick.

Lecture Circuits

Subject(s): M.H.H. Joachim
Language: English

Holding Institution: University of Iowa
Collection: Redpath Chautauqua Collection
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