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Bulletin of the Hindusthan Association of U.S.A.

Bulletin of the Hindusthan Association of U.S.A. (Vol. 1), published in August 1913 from Chicago, Illinois, describes one of the primary aims of the organization as "further[ing] the educational interests of the Hindusthanee students." The bulletin includes writings from several prominent members of the South Asian American community, including Ghadar party leader Har Dayal, HAA president Sudhindra Bose, Surendra Mohan Bose, Basanta Koomar Roy, and Sayad Muhammad Khuda Box. A short but interesting entry, printed under the heading "Hindusthanee Student World," describes Ghadar activist, Professor Teja Singh's return to India (Singh is mentioned as having "played a very important part by thwarting the project of the Canadian authorities, who wanted to send all the Hindusthanees to Demerara) and his "successor" Nand Singh Sinhara, who was "called upon to be one of the delegates to present the grievances of the Hindusthanee residents of Canada before the Imperial Government." Interspersed throughout essays and reports, are small news items documenting achievements of South Asian students in the U.S.

The officers of the Hindusthan Association are listed as follows: Sudhindra Bose (President), P.S. Khankhoje (Vice President), Surendra Mohan Bose (General Secretary), S.M. Pagar (Treasurer), Sarangadhar Das (Joint Secretary - West), C. Chakravary (Joint Secretary - East), Basanta Koomar Roy (Editor-in-Chief, "The Hindusthanee Student).

Early Student Life

Date: August 1913
Language: English
Contributor: Sudhindra Bose, Surendra Mohan Bose, Har Dayal, Basanta Kumar Roy, Sayad Muhammad Khuda Box
Location: Chicago, IL

Collection: Mahesh and Ishwar Chandra Family Materials
Donor: Rani Bagai
Item History: 2011-09-30 (created); 2013-07-01 (modified)

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