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Young India (December 1918)

The November 1918 issue of Young India (Vol 1., No. 12). The opening editorial reprints a telegram sent to President Woodrow Wilson, congratulating the U.S. on "the magnificent victory which the United States and the Allies have won over the Teutonic Powers." The India Home Rule League of America, an editorial reports, held its first anniversary dinner at the Grand Hotel on Broadway on November 20, 1918, attended by about 300 people, including Nation editor Oswald Garrison Villard, Rev. John Haynes Holmes, Henrietta Rodman, and J.T. Sunderland. A report on the dinner is written by Young India contributor "Dixi." Featured articles include "To Our Countrymen" by Lajpat Rai, "India's Struggle For Freedom: Mr. Tilak, the Man and His Mission" by J.T. Sunderland. Other articles include "India Fought for World's Liberty," "India's Need of Democracy," "Revolutions" (a study referencing Italian nationalist Giusseppe Mazzini) by "A Student of Revolutions," and "Symposium of Indian Opinion on the Montagu-Chelmsford Scheme." The opening item, titled "A Land Ten Thousand Miles Away" shows a hand-drawn map of the world, highlighting the "arrow-pointed land" as Hindusthan-India. Another interesting note comes from Jacob H. Schiff, a New York banker, who sent the IHRLA a 100 dollar contribution. Includes an image of Bal Ganghadar Tilak.

Freedom Movement

Date: December 1918
Language: English
Source: Young India
Contributor: Lajpat Rai, J.T. Sunderland, Dixi
Publisher: India Home Rule League of America
Location: 1400 Broadway, New York, NY

Collection: India Home Rule League
Item History: 2011-09-23 (created); 2013-05-03 (modified)

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