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The Hindusthanee Student (November 1915)

The November 1915 issue of The Hindusthanee Student (Vol. 2, No. 3), the organ of the Hindustan Association of America (HAA). Includes various essays on topics from "American Travellers in India" to "Why Should Hindu Girls Go to America" to "Technical Education in Japan" by B.K. Sarkar, Sudhindra Bose, H.K. Rakshit, K. Tullaskar, and S.K. Roy.

The Officers for the Hindustan Association of America in 1915 are listed as K.D. Shastri (President), Rafidin Ahmad (Vice-President), B. Das (General Secretary), P.C. Mukerjee (Jt. Secretary - East), Baneshwar Das (Jt. Secretary - Midwest), and S.N. Deb Burman. The notes section features biographies and photographs of Sudhindra Bose, N.S. Hardikar (who would later be a secretary for Lajpat Rai's India Home Rule League of America), and Rafidin Ahmad, the latter two standing as candidates for the President of HAA. Also includes a group photograph of the Illinois Chapter of HAA.

Early Student Life

Date: November 1915
Language: English
Source: The Hindusthanee Student
Contributor: Benoy Kumar Sarkar, Sudhindra Bose, Hemendra K. Rakshit, Krishnabai Tulasker, S.K. Roy
Publisher: Hindusthan Association of America
Location: Berkeley, CA

Holding Institution: Center for Research Libraries (CRL)
Collection: Hindusthan Association of America Collection
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