Letter from Bhagat Singh Thind to His Father

A letter in Gurmukhi from Bhagat Singh Thind to his father, dated September 13, 1916 and written from his Astoria, Oregon address, 2564 1/2 Birch Street. In the letter, Thind sends 307 rupees and asks his father to embrace his brothers Jagat Singh and Rulia Singh for him.


Date: September 13, 1916
Type: Correspondence
Language: English, Punjabi
Location: Astoria, OR

Document #3 in Gurmukhi script

September 13, 1916
2564 ½ Birch Street, Astoria, Oregon, U.S.A.

Ik Ongkar Satgur Parsad (One God, realized through his Grace)

My dear saint-like father Sardar Boota Singh Ji,

May Waheguru keep you in good health. Please accept my greetings (Victory to Waheguru).

I am hale and hearty. I daily pray to Waheguru for your good health and happiness. Three months have elapsed since I sent a letter to you, but you have not responded. After waiting for a long time, I am writing this letter, hoping that with Waheguru’s’s grace it will find you in good health. I am sending Rupees 307 to you. On receipt, please inform me. After another 2-3 weeks, I shall send more money. Please expect the same. But please reply to this letter early, I implore. Please hug dear brothers, Jagat Singh and Rulia Singh, for me and greet them for me. Do not worry about me at all. I am well in all respects. Greetings to those friends of mine who remember me.

Your dear son,

Bhagat Singh

Collection: Bhagat Singh Thind Materials
Donor: David Thind
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