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Brief biography of Gulab Watumull

A brief biography of Gulab Watumull, the third son of Jhamandas Watumull. Gulab was born and educated in India, and came to Hawaii in 1948 to further his education. He eventually became involved in the family business, and assumed the head of Watumull Brothers, Ltd. in 1956. The biography also includes details about Gulab Watumull's philanthropic activities, including his arrangement for the J. Watumull Fund, established in 1965, which provided funding for educational institutions in Hawaii, the mainland, and in India; endowments for Honolulu-based art programs; and helped promote Indian-Hawaiian exchange.

Business, Philanthropy, Family

Subject(s): Gulab Watumull, Jhamandas Watumull
Type: Text
Language: English

Collection: Watumull Family Materials
Donor: Indru Watumull
Item History: 2011-07-20 (created); 2020-04-08 (modified)

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