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"Why Must We Emigrate to the United States of America?"

Responding to Shiv Narayen's article "Why Emigrate?" published in Modern Review (Nov. 1910), Sarangadhar Das makes the case for Indians studying the United States. Das provides details about Punjabi laborers and the anti-Asiatic politics they faced, while also displaying himself some anti-Sikh sentiment. Das responds to Narayen's claims about the hardship of Indian students in the U.S. by emphasizing the opportunities of "'training and self-development for ambitious and energetic young men" provided by the country. "America is no place for milksops," Das quotes, while also denying any political activity by Indians in this country. The article provides a detailed list of 46 graduate and undergraduate Indians in the United States, including quotes from a young Taraknath Das, and from future novelist, then freshman, Dhan Gopal Mukerji. The article also includes three images: a portrait of Taraknath Das, a class photo of Indian students at the University of California-Berkeley, and a portrait of Surendra Narayan Guha.

Early Immigration

Date: July 1911
Source: Modern Review
Creator: Saranghadar Das

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