Friday, November 20, 2020 @ 7:00PM EST

Lessons from the South Asian Domestic Worker Movement

Participant(s): Andolan Archive Project
As we face a global pandemic, rising fascism, and continued sexual violence, learning from the organizing of South Asian domestic workers is more important now than ever. Since the year 2000, Andolan Organizing South Asian Workers has fought for justice for survivors and workers, always moving in solidarity with other oppressed communities. Given patterns of co-optation and obstruction enacted by dominant class and dominant caste South Asians, it is pivotal for South Asian American activists of all ages to learn from the legacy of transnational and intersectional feminists.

Hear from Andolan community members Gulnahar Alam and Rina Ali in conversation with SAADA Executive Director Samip Mallick and longtime Andolan volunteer Chitra Aiyar.