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Pradeep Deol Oral History Interview

Pradeep Deol (PD) owns The Last Stop, a late-night bar in the Bronx, that caters to a large South Asian crowd due to its Indian fusion menu and tendency to play Indian and Punjabi beats throughout the night.

PD is a Bronx native. He took over the Last Stop space from his father, who owned a traditional American diner for two decades, before hitting some financial roadblocks and handing over the business to his son to make his own. Still, the business remains a family affair with his sisters playing a logistical role, his mother playing chef and helping to curate the menu, his father advising and PD playing a creative role in their bar’s brand.

PD credits the community in his neighborhood of the Bronx for being able to survive the pandemic, particularly during the lockdown. Having his business be in the neighborhood he grew up in allowed him to be well acquainted with the community and his regulars, many of whom supported him when his parents got COVID-19 in 2020 and continued to draw in crowds.

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Subject(s): Pradeep Deol
Type: Oral History
Source: Archival Creators Fellowship Program
Creator: Sanjana Nigam
Contributor: Pradeep Deol

Collection: Sanjana Nigam Fellowship Project
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