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Shawn Prasad Oral History Interview

Shawn Prasad, a Sacramento local of Indian-Fijian origin, works at the Sacramento airport and organizes for worker rights there and across the country, including supporting pro-labor political campaigns. His cat helps.

In this slideshow, you will see:
Shawn Prasad, Lisa Cavanagh (server from the airport), Brett Martinez (casino worker) and Shamika Ofaire (hotel worker) protest in downtown Sacramento outside the federal building, January 2022. This was an action for the government to start enforcing restrictions on REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) which are basically silent investors in hotels that pay little to no taxes in because they don't technically run the business but do run the business in practice, cutting out labor without repercussion.

Photo of Shawn Prasad with a voter he convinced to hire an Uber to get to the polls, part of the UNITE HERE union's campaign to get voters to the polls in key states for the 2020 election.

Poe disrupting Shawn Prasad's zoom meetings; so at this meeting, Poe was given a notebook to help the cause.

A fun meme about Shawn Prasad's cat, who makes frequent guest appearances in zoom meetings for union organizing.

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Subject(s): Shawn Prasad
Type: Oral History
Source: Archival Creators Fellowship Program
Creator: Sandhya Jha
Contributor: Shawn Prasad

Collection: Sandhya Jha Fellowship Project
Donor: Shawn Prasad
Item History: 2022-06-16 (created); 2022-06-29 (modified)

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