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Bibi Dhillonn Home Movies Reel #3

Dhillonn home on Oldfield Street, Lancaster, California—1967-1971
This film features the Dhillonn children at the Dhillonn family home in Lancaster.

1966 This segment of the film is primarily of Bhagat Dhillonn’s birthday party. Ravi and her younger sister Bibi are shown standing on the porch holding a basket and a purse. Bhagat is surrounded by his siblings and other children at his party and his mother Dorothy serves birthday cake. Bhagat opens various presents, including skates, and then the children at the party play with a racetrack. Bhagat’s grandmother Dhanwant and mothers of other children at the party appear in the film as well.

1967 This segment of the film depicts the Dhillonn children playing with their new baby sister Deepak. Bibi and her brother Bhagat are on a bed with their baby sister Deepak; Dorothy is helping Bibi hold Deepak; Dorothy is laying the baby in the crib while Bibi and Bhagat follow her; Dorothy, Dhanwant, Bibi and Bhagat are standing around the crib; Bibi sitting on a bed holding Deepak while Ravi sits beside her; Ravi is holding Deepak.

1971 This segment of the film depicts the Dhillonn children playing outdoors. The film features the following scenes: Ravi and Bibi playing on a swing set in their backyard; Bibi and Deepak sitting on the grass and eating; Ravi swinging.


Date: 1967 to 1971
Type: Moving Image
Location: Lancaster, CA

Collection: Sharanjit Singh Dhillonn Materials
Donor: Bibi Dhillonn
Digitizer: Jana Gowan
Item History: 2016-07-24 (created); 2017-02-21 (modified)

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