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Bibi Dhillonn Home Movies Reel #1

Norman, Oklahoma—April 2, 1959
The opening scene is the wedding of Sharanjit and Dorothy Dhillonn, which took place in Norman, Oklahoma on April 2, 1959. The wedding was held in the home of University of Oklahoma zoology Professor Arthur Bragg and his wife Mary (good friends of the Dhillonns). The Dhillonns were married by Minister Ralph Holmes, from the Unitarian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The man giving Dorothy away is Stan Hutchinson (a good friend). A cousin of Sharanjit can be seen standing to his right. This cousin was also named Sharanjit Singh Dhillonn. Footage of the wedding includes scenes from the ceremony such as: Mary Bragg cutting the cake; the newlyweds feeding cake to each other; and guests standing around with refreshments. Gladys Morrow, the mother of the bride can be seen wearing a pink hat and glasses, Professor Bragg can be seen standing to the right of cousin Sharanjit wearing glasses and a suit. In the film a man with a microphone can be seen a man interviewing guests. Some of the audio recordings from those videos are available here. The newlyweds can be seen opening wedding gifts such as linens and a toaster.

North Edwards, California--1962
This segment of the film takes place in the Dhillonn family’s first home in California. The following footage includes Ravi Dhillonn as a baby in a highchair in the kitchen with her mother Dorothy, brother Bhagat and her paternal grandmother Dhanwant. Dorothy holds a birdcage up to the highchair to show Ravi the parakeets inside. Dorothy, Dhanwant and the children are shown on the carpet in front of the sofa. There are various shots of Sharanjit with short hair. He had cut his hair in 1958 and stopped wearing his turban because of the discrimination he faced in the United States, as well as a desire to assimilate into American culture. Dhanwant and the children pose for a picture on the sofa with a small rocking chair in front. The film contains the following scenes: Bhagat and Ravi sitting in a doorframe that is open to outside; Bhagat on the couch with his grandmother Dhanwant; both children on the floor with Dhanwant and Sharanjit; Dhanwant giving the children a bath; Bhagat playing with a toy gun in the bath; Dorothy helping Ravi walk in front of the sofa, then playing on the ground with Ravi and a Fred Flintstone toy; outdoor footage of Bhagat riding a tricycle while Dorothy pushes Ravi in the stroller; Dorothy, Bhagat and Ravi playing on the grass; double exposed footage of Sharanjit cooking on a grill; Sharanjit and Bhagat playing with a sprinkler; Dhanwant and the children on a blanket on the grass and Dorothy cooking on the grill; Bhagat playing with an older boy; the children laying on a blanket on the grass.

Hoover Dam, Nevada--1962
This segment of the footage is of a family trip to Hoover Dam, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

North Edwards, California--1962
This segment of the film includes the following scenes: Bhagat is outside hosing down his tricycle and wagon. He rides the tricycle, then sits in a chair on the steps of the doorframe with a red hat on; Sharanjit, then Dorothy sitting with Bhagat in the lawn chair; Bhagat and Ravi playing outside on pavement; Bhagat playing with a toy gun; Bhagat riding his tricycle while Ravi walks on the pavement.


Date: 1959 to 1962
Type: Moving Image
Location: Norman, OK

Collection: Sharanjit Singh Dhillonn Materials
Donor: Bibi Dhillonn
Digitizer: Jana Gowan
Item History: 2016-07-24 (created); 2017-02-21 (modified)

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