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Letter from J.J. Singh requesting support for Mundt amendment

Letter from J.J. Singh, President of the India League of America, requesting support for Congressman Karl E. Mundt's amendment to the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation (UNRRA) bill, which would include famine stricken areas of Bengal and Assam under the UNRRA's scope. The letter requests funding to carry on this kind of work.

Date: February 21, 1944
Subject(s): Mundt Amendmant, UNRRA Bill
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Sirdar J.J. Singh
Location: 40 East 49th Street, New York, NY

February 21, 1944 Dear Friend: On January 10th I sent you a letter asking you to write to members of the House and Senate to support Congressman Karl E. Mundt’s amendment to the UNRRA Bill. This letter is to thank you for your help and cooperation and to inform you of our success. As you know, the House Foreign Affairs Committee had turned down Congressman Mundt’s amendment. However, with persistent appeals and sixteen days of so-called ‘lobbying’, we succeeded in winning enough support so that when the amendment was moved in the open House on January 25th, it was passed without opposition. The bill including the Mundt amendment has now been passed by the Senate. The text of the amendment is: “In expressing its approval of this Act it is the recommendation of Congress that insofar as funds and facilities permit any area important to United Nations military operations which may be stricken by famine or disease may be included in the benefits available through the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.” Inasmuch as the famine stricken areas of Bengal and Assam are “important to United Nations military operations,” these areas can now come under UNRRA’s scope. In my humble opinion, this was a great victory for our cause. However, the fight will have to be carried to the UNRRA Council. We are badly in need of funds to carry on work like this. I wish to make a personal appeal to you. We will be grateful for any financial aid you may give. Excerpts from speeches made in the House, are enclosed herewith. You will find them interesting to read. Once again thanking you for your cooperation and help, Yours very truly, INDIA LEAGUE OF AMERICA J.J. Singh J.J. Singh, President JJS:rd Enc.

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Collection: Peace Collection at Swarthmore College
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