Letter from Bhagwan Singh to Compatriots

Letter (numbered 2) from Bhagwan Singh Gyanee for circulation among compatriots. In the letter, Gyanee describes the first meeting of the "Programme Committee," held November 1, 1950 at the residence of M.R. Ahuja, Consul General of India. During that meeting, it was decided that "Republic of India's First Anniversary" would be celebrated at the headquarters of the Gadar Party at 5 Wood Street, on January 26, 1951.

Date: November 5, 1950
Subject(s): M.R. Ahuja
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Bhagwan Singh Gyanee
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Nov 5 1950


Dear Compatriot:
It was most encouraging to receive so many acknowledgements to our Circular Letter of Oct 8th, and particularly gratifying was the response of our Moslem and Pathan Brothers. One outstanding feature of the replies, revealed the existence of an inner craving for a common National outlook and the desire to form an All-Embracing Organization.

The first Meeting of the Programme Committee was held on Nov 1st at the Residence of Shri M R Ahuja, Consul General of india. There were fifteen present and after the purpose of the meeting was briefly outlined by Bhai Bhagwan Singh Gyanee, our Consul General focussed his mental search-light on the larger horizons of National Unity and pointed out our opportunity to do something worth while toward that end.

The Meeting proceeded and it was unanimously decided that:-
a- SOVEREIGN INDEPENDENT INDIA'S FIRST ANNIVERSARY be celebrated at the Headquarters of the Gadar Party, 5 Wood Street, San Francisco, January 26 1951;

b- a sub-committee of seven Members, appointed on the spot, prepare the programme for this occasion;

c- all who were unable to attend this first meeting, be notified again and requested to be present at the next;

d- the date for the NEXT MEETING was set for Nov 15th at 5 Wood Street, San Francisco for 1 P.M. sharp;

e- until election of officers Bhai B S Gyanee act as secretary.

The meeting lasted over three hours after which Shri Ahuja, from his role of advisor, guide and counsellor, -joining the gracious Madam Ahuja, became the genial host in typical Punjabi hospitality.

The following will be under consideration at the next meeting

1- Approval and detailed arrangements of Programme.

2- Selection of a Sub-Committee to carry it out.

3- Election of OFFICERS.

YOU are requested to be present.

Palce:- 5 Wood Street, San Francisco
Date:- November 15
Day:- Wednesday
Hour:- 1 P.M. sharp.

Sincerely yours,

Bhagwan S Gyanee


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