Letter from Bhagat Singh Thind to His Brother Jagat Singh

Letter in Gurmukhi from Bhagat Singh Thind to his brother Jagat Singh, written from Astoria, Oregon and dated December 8, 1919. Thind speaks about their father in the letter, expressing regret for having opposed him in the past, and warning Jagat Singh about repeating the same mistake.


Date: December 8, 1919
Type: Correspondence
Language: English, Punjabi
Location: Astoria, OR

Document #8 (4 pages)

Ik Ongkar Satgur Prasad

Letter Number 10
P.O. Box 85, Astoria, Oregon, U.S.A.
Dec. 8, 1919

Dear Jagat Singh Ji,

Greetings to you! Received your kind letter and got the news. I am o.k. here in every way and all the time pray to Waheguru for your well-being. Dear brother, you have asked me to write strongly to respected father. I cannot dare to take this uncalled for action. You might know that once or twice I made the mistake of opposing him. I continue to repent for that mistake till today. I am still sorry for having made the mistake of hurting Dad’s pious soul owing to my stupidity. I take solace thinking that my broad-minded father may have forgiven me. There is no friend better than one’s parents. Irrespective of the magnitude of the mistake, the father is always forgiving. He always thinks of the well-being of his progeny. So I warn you that you are making a mistake when you do not obey father. Even the witch does not “eat” her sons. Father always advises you with your well-being in his mind. Hopefully, you will accept my request and will attend to father whole-heartedly like virtuous sons. I am surprised that soon after your marriage you have written to me that I should write strongly to Dad. I can never write a strong letter to our religious father who did our up-bringing himself enduring a lot of difficulties, who provided for our education and even arranged your marriage. You are my younger brother. I wish you well. I love you more than kinship of the world. So what I am writing is for your benefit. If a certain instruction for Dad is not acceptable, you can obediently and very humbly submit to him your counter proposal. Dad will not mind it.

“After many kinds of sermons and scolding, the Dad hugs the son, He forgives the past faults and shows us the right path for the future”

If you do not do as I have advised you, you will not deserve to be called a virtuous son and brother. But I hope that you will accept my request and will provide comfort to Dad in every manner. You both are strong like lions and can attend to all the work at home or on farm, and can provide comfort to Dad. I believe this much should suffice.

I am pleased to hear about your wife. Hopefully, Bibi Lacchmi (Lachhman Kaur, wife of Jagat Singh) will enhance our prestige, and will attend to Daddy as if he was his own father; and will be a virtuous lady obedient to you and we shall be proud of her.

Regarding the ornaments, I shall write to Dad after a few days. I am myself against wearing ornaments. Money is locked up and cannot be used to produce something. If the same money is loaned or invested, then money will earn money. But our women and men do not understand this as yet. So if heavy gold ornaments are made for Lachhman Kaur, I will send more money to Dad in a few months. With that solid gold ornaments (Gokharu, hamail, chain, ring ect.) could be made. Just wait for a few days. We should not get any Bahadarian and Dandian (Ear ornaments).

In this county, they wear good clothes, but ornaments comprise of only necklaces and rings. Ladies change hair styles daily. They do not get the nose or ears pierced.

Do not worry, we shall get plenty of ornaments.

I sent to Dad a check for 101 pounds. It can be cashed in Amritsar. When the money is received, let me know the amount received. Wear good clothes, eat well and do good deeds. If Dad likes to buy land, I shall send more money. To buy land or not should be Dad’s decision. He is the head of our household. We should respect his opinion.
Where is the residence of the parents of Bibi Lachhman Kaur.

I am sending four of my military photos. Let me know whether you received the blanket I sent.

Please bow to respected father for me and greet him on my behalf very humbly. Greetings and love for brother Rulia Singh and Bibi Lachhman Kaur. Please greet brother, Dyal Singh, Surain Singh and Mansa Singh. Also greet Harbans Raj Bhabde for me. Reply soon. Please date your letters.

Your brother,
Bhagat Singh
P.S. This letter should be read out aloud in the presence of Dad, Bibi Lachhman Kaur, and Rulia Singh. Singed Bhagat Singh

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