SAADA Social Media Creators Workshop

On May 21, 2022, we brought together fourteen social media creators at HAPPYMONDAY Studio in NYC to engage with the archive and create new content based on stories from SAADA. Click on the images below to check out the incredible new social media content they created!

This initiative was made possible with support from the AAPI Civic Engagement Fund. We're so grateful to have had the opportunity to partner with these talented and thoughtful creators to amplify South Asian American stories!

Aashka Piprottar (Instagram)

Ahsun Zafar (Instagram)

Dana Mathura (Instagram | TikTok)

Elizabeth Aziz (Instagram | TikTok)

Janan Sarwar (Instagram)

Manal Khan (Twitter)

Manasa Boppudi (Instagram | TikTok)

Mayanthi Jayawardena (Instagram)

Megan Pinto (Instagram | Twitter)

Priti Sherchan (Instagram | TikTok)

Rohan Makhijani (Instagram | TikTok)

Shahana Jan (Instagram)

Sushil Raj (LinkedIn)

Symin Adive (Instagram)