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The following is a list of organizations that produced and/or distributed periodicals and other published items in the archive.

Academy of Political Science (1) Hindustan-Gadar Office (2) Socialist Party (1)
Advanced Thought Pub. Co. (1) Hindusthan Association of America (22) South Asia Research Group (1)
Alliance Against Fascist Dictatorship in India (2) India Development & Relief Fund (1) South Asia Students Association (6)
America and India Feature and News Service (1) India Famine Emergency Committee (1) South Asian AIDS Action (SAAA) (1)
American League for India's Freedom (2) India Forum (6) Superintendent Government Printing (India) (1)
Association for the Promotion of Education of the People of India (1) India Home Rule League of America (29) Sure Success Service (1)
Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies (15) India Information Bureau of America (1) Tagore & Co. (1)
Bangladesh Committee for Human Rights (1) India League of America (11) The Association of Indians in America, Inc. (2)
Bay Area Bangladesh Association (BABA) (1) India Welfare League, Inc. (4) The Blanchard Press, Inc. (1)
British Information Services (1) Indian Workers' Association (GB) (1) The Canada India League (1)
Chas R. Cummings (1) Los Angeles City School District (1) The Committee on Public Information (1)
Citizens For Human Rights and Civil Liberties (1) Moslem Society of U.S.A. (1) The Community Church (1)
Committee Against Political Repression in India (CAPRI) (1) NamBi Foundation (1) The Community Church of New York (1)
Committee for Freedom in India (1) National Committee For India's Freedom (3) The Humboldt Publishing Co. (1)
Committee for Human Rights (2) New Century Foundation, Inc. (1) The India-America Society (1)
Committee of Concerned Indian Students (4) NEWSINDIA (1) The Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver and Victoria, B.C. (1)
Concerned Desis Against Proposition 54 (3) P.G. Krishnayya (1) The Muslim Association of America (1)
De Vorss & Co. (1) P.S. King & Son Ltd. (1) The New History Foundation (1)
Embassy of India (1) Pacific Coast Hindustani Association (28) The Vedanta Centre (1)
Emergency Coalition to Stop HIV/AIDS in India (1) Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society (2) The Watumull Foundation (1)
Friends of Freedom for India (8) Presbyterian Mission Press (1) The Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Society (1)
Gadar Memorial Center (2) Rajani, Inc. (38) The World Federation (1)
Gandhi Memorial International Foundation (1) Renaissance Publications (1) United India League (2)
Ganesh & Co. (1) Rishi Singh Grewal (1) United States Postal Service (1)
Government of India (1) Roberts Brothers (1) Universal Publishing Co. (1)
Government Printing Office (1) San Francisco Vedanta Society (1) Vedanta Society (1)
Guardian Commercial Printery (1) San Joaquin Delta College (1) Workers Party of America (1)
Hindustan Gadar Party (17)