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Archiving queer brown feelings

2019-20 Archival Creators Fellow Mustafa Saif reminisces about the unique experience of building Queer Brown Feelings, and the gratitude they feel towards those who shared.

Suddenly Someone Else Sees You

Mustafa Saif shares meaningful excerpts from oral histories tracing the lives of queer and trans South Asians.

Paving the Way for Cyber Queens

Queer South Asian Organizing in America before the rise of “cyber age queens” – an oral history with the late Ifti Nasim collected by Kareem Khubchandani.

Centering Queer and Trans South Asians

A blog piece from our Archival Creators Fellow Mustafa Saif on the challenges around creating their participatory storytelling project in queer and trans communities, and the reshaping of the dialogue surrounding queer experiences.