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Television News Repositories

By Samip Mallick |
AUGUST 16, 2012
Our SAADA Digital Archive Intern this summer is Sara Beckman, a graduate student in the Information School at the University of Washington. One of her projects this summer was to compile a list of television news repositories around the country to help us locate news footage to include in SAADA.

To do this project she conducted her own research and also turned to the Society of American Archivists' listserv.

In a note to the SAA listserv, Sara writes:

A few weeks ago I asked the listserv for help finding archives with early television news holdings including local news. I just want to thank everyone who responded with suggestions, links, and places to look further. I was overwhelmed with the responses.

As a way to give back, I want to share the result of all your help. I have compiled all of the repositories into a single reference document. The repositories are categorized into two groups, national and local. I have the included links and a short description of what each repository holds. I have also tried to list the repositories’ geographically from East Coast to West Coast.

I hope this document can be of help to some of your institution as a reference or search tool for both archivists and patrons. I would also love to see archivists with more experience in visual and moving images add to the list as well.

Once again thank you all for your help!

You can view and download the document here.

Is there a repository that you know of that's not included on this list? Let us know!
Samip Mallick is the Executive Director & President of the South Asian American Digital Archive (SAADA).