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Media Content using SAADA
• Food52, "The Story of Patel Brothers, the Biggest Indian Grocery Store in America" (5/25/2017)
• The Establishment, "We’ve Been Killing South Asians For As Long As They’ve Been Arriving To The U.S." (4/12/2017)
• Slate Magazine, "A Forgotten History of Anti-Sikh Violence in the Early-20th-Century Pacific Northwest", (2/13/2015)
• NPR Code Switch, "How Turbans Helped Some Blacks Go Incognito In The Jim Crow Era" (7/19/2014)

Press Coverage of SAADA
• WHYY, "Coming soon: Audio walking tour of Philly’s South Asian history, set to new music" (8/22/2019)
• CityLab, "The Great (South Asian) American Road Trip" (7/12/2017)
•, "When Indians took part in the most American of American traditions – the road trip" (7/7/2017)
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• NBC News Asian America, "Road Trip Project Highlights South Asian American Travel Stories" (6/20/2017)
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• News India Times, "How Indians Rallied Americans To Support Freedom Struggle" (8/14/2015)
• Dallas Morning News, "Indian couple’s letters, photos reflect immigration story" (7/8/2015)
• Philadelphia Inquirer, "Archives celebrate South Asians in Philadelphia" (5/29/2014)
• 6abc, "Visions 2014 on Asian American heritage," (5/17/2014): Watch online!
• Philadelphia Daily News, "Philly archive preserves South Asian American history" (2/7/2014)
• India Abroad Magazine, "That first day in America" (10/25/2013)
• Philly, "Only South Asian American digital archive is Philly made" (10/10/2013)
• The Temple News, "Preserving history through archival work" (10/8/2013)
• PRI's The World, "South Asian Americans Share Stories of Their First Days in America" (8/29/2013)
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• India West, "SAADA's First Days Project Welcomes Submissions" (8/16/2013)
• DesiTalk, "SAADA launches First Days Project" (8/9/2013)
• Indo American News, "SAADA's First Days Project" (8/9/2013)
• India Post, "SAADA invites first day stories of South Asians" (8/9/2013)
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• India Abroad, "Your fresh off the boat memories can be part of an online archive" (7/26/2013)
• Man's World Magazine, "Remembrance of things past" (11/2012)
• DesiTalk, "Digitizing the History of Desi Immigrants for Posterity" (10/26/2012)
• The New York Times, "American Roots of the Indian Independence Movement" (8/14/2012)
• The Sunday Guardian, "Sepia Shades of Immigrant History" (7/1/2012)
• APA Compass Radio, "Interview with Samip Mallick" (4/6/2012): Listen online!
• Sepia Mutiny, "Digital Diaspora: The South Asian American Digital Archive" (8/1/2011)
• Asia Pacific Forum, "Interview with Samip Mallick" (7/11/2011): Listen online!