SAADA Launches Road Trips Project

JUNE 20, 2017

There are millions of miles of roads across the United States, and traveling them has long been seen as a rite of passage for Americans. From Jack Kerouac novels to Hollywood movies, American culture is steeped in the mythology of the “open road.” Yet, so much of this imagery has long been limited in who it includes.

During a time when immigrant lives and experiences are being especially devalued, SAADA’s Road Trips Project aims to reframe a major American tradition by sharing images and stories from South Asian Americans, a community too often excluded from these narratives. The appeal of the open road is deeply rooted in the freedom to travel – safely and without fear, harassment, or intimidation – a freedom, which for many, is currently under question.

In response, SAADA’s Road Trips Project is highlighting the long and diverse history of South Asians traveling across this country, whether for family vacations, cross-country moves, romantic getaways, or any other reason. These trips include memories both good and bad, humorous and sobering. Taken together they help us redefine what the American road trip looks like. Join us and share your story today.

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