Letters from 6' Away

South Asian American experiences during COVID-19


We hope you and your loved ones are safe, in good health, and doing as well as possible during this difficult time.

There is little doubt that we are living through a historic moment. To ensure that our community's experiences of this moment are preserved, today we're launching a new project, Letters from 6' Away, to document South Asian American experiences during COVID-19.

Just as archives preserve stories from yesterday for our benefit today, we also preserve stories from the present for our understanding tomorrow. While we are all eager to move past the difficulties of this time, there are also personal memories, lessons, and revelations that we will want to hold on to.

Help us document this moment by following the prompts below to write a letter to yourself one year in the future.

We'll include your story in the archive with your permission and we'll send you your letter in the mail (or by email) one year from now, in hopefully better days ahead.

Note: If you lost a loved one to COVID-19, please send us an email so we can honor them in the archive.

Dear  Self,