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Fareschta's Childhood Home in Bocholt, Germany

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One of the streets in Bocholt, Germany where Fareschta would ride her bike with her friends. Fareschta cherishes her German identity as she spent all of her childhood and many years as an adolescent in Bocholt. She formed some lifelong friendships here. She had to grow up quickly and assume many familial responsibilities after her father's passing which prompted them to leave Germany for the United States.

Fareschta's childhood home in Bocholt, Germany. Fareschta recalls thinking that she lived in a huge apartment building with other immigrants. She and her siblings were the only Afghan children on the playground. Their building had immigrants from all over the world. Even though they lived in a low income area she never realized that reality due the loving environment at home and in the neighborhood.

Childhood, Family, Immigration

Date: 2018
Subject(s): Fareschta
Type: Photograph
Source: Archival Creators Fellowship Program
Creator: Zainab Mohsini
Contributor: Fareschta
Location: Bocholt, Germany

Collection: Zainab Mohsini Fellowship Project
Donor: Fareschta
Item History: 2022-07-05 (created); 2022-07-05 (modified)

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