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Roshni Shah Oral History Interview

Roshni B. Shah is a first generation Gujarati-American who observed the role of silent service & sacrifice in her parents. As a daughter of immigrants, these values instilled a sense of purpose in uplifting the underserved. Her life motto is, "Small acts of big love." Interviewed by Rajelin Escondo, Roshni traces the journey of her career into nursing and how that calling has shifted her perspective of service, sacrifice, and healing. Balancing a dueling identity between a commitment to community and a dedication to the self, working in the frontlines during the pandemic pushed her to examine this more closely and advocate more fiercely for healthcare worker burnout & self worth.

When Roshni is not at work in the hospital, she is busy teaching students as a Professor of Nursing Education at DePaul university, coaching clients through embodiment practices, napping with her dog Bmr, cooking a meal for a village or tending to her garden. Roshni was inspired to curate this project as an opportunity to shed light on the unique perspective South Asian values impact the way this community shows up at work, in relationships, and for themselves. She hopes by sharing more honest stories, people will build more compassion for each other and heal the world one story and one hug at a time. You can follow her journey at @followtheroshni on twitter & instagram.

In this slideshow, you will see:
Pursuing a Master's in Nursing was a family celebration. An intentional choice to live in alignment with the values of service, compassion, and community was inspired by Roshni's own parents.

A photo of Roshni in her white coat. Mentorship and education are key values Roshni holds, so entering academics as a professor is very fulfilling.

A photo of Roshni holding a child. Weeks before the pandemic hit the States, Roshni was volunteering in central India.

The joy of connection is what brings Roshni back to volunteer work across the globe.

The love of family has always grounded Roshni. This was the last family vacation before losing her mom.

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Subject(s): Roshni Shah
Type: Oral History
Source: Archival Creators Fellowship Program
Creator: Roshni Shah
Contributor: Roshni Shah
Location: Chicago, IL

Collection: Roshni Shah Fellowship Project
Donor: Roshni Shah
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