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Letter from Lalji Mehrotra to Abnashi Ram

Letter dated July 12, 1977 from Lalji Mehrotra to Abnashi Ram in regards to Lalji Mehrotra’s travel plans to Los Angeles. Abnashi Ram assisted in booking hotel accommodations for Mehrotra.

Date: July 12, 1977
Subject(s): Abnashi Ram
Type: Correspondence
Language: English
Creator: Lalji Mehrotra
Location: 5009 Ruth Avenue West, Glendale, AZ

5009 Ruth-Avenue woot
Glendale Ariz. 85302
My dear Abnashi Ramj
  Many thanks for your kind note of the 1st mist. I deeply admire the [?] with which you have dealt with my letter. It shows how kind you are to your friends.
  When I requested you to reserve accommodation for me in a hotel, I did not know how you are place w respect of accommodation and I had no desire to cause you any inconvenience. The subject had come up in the course of my conversation with mumtaz[?], but some how I got the impression that even though you had a flat all for yourself it was not big enough to let you feel comfortable if you had somebody to stay with you. From what you wrote, it seems to be [?] enough to enable any single person [?] find it a luxury by Indian standard. As I have written to you before, the only provocation for [?] visit of mine is to have the luxury of spending some time with my friends and relatives amongst whom I have taken the liberty to count you. My [?] can not be so well server if I were to stay elsewhere. I feel grateful for the offer and would be delighted to accept.
  There has been a minor change in the dates indicated in my earlier letter. Instead of the 22nd, I will be able to come in the evening of the 24th. In the [?] that it will not uproot any of your own plans would not be inconvenient to you I have booked my air passage by American Airlines flight 561 taking off at 6.30 p.m. and arrive at Los Angeles at 6.38 p.m. . If this booking does not suit you please let me know and I shall endeavor [?] [?] changed. There is only one other flight in the day by the A.A

[?] [?] alone I am entitled to [?] according to my [?]

leaving from here at 8.05 am and getting there at 8-13 am. I have also booked my return passage of A K Chicago on the 27th by A A Flight No 194 leaving at 12.45 pm and getting there at 6.28 pm

chicago time

. This booking is unalterable as it is linked with my wife’s arrival at chicago about the same time to avoid the need to double [?] to he airport by our [?].
  It would be quite easy for me to come [?] leave from Los Angeles airport by company’s limousines if they have such an arrangement. You can meet me at the Gus [?] in Down Town or preferably Hollywood if there is why. Please put me wise on this point.
  Now that you have the first date of my arrival you may kindly write Mr. Roger [?] about it. I would like to call on his widowed mother and I hope he will be able to help me about it.
  I am sorry to know that your daughter and widow are no longer in Los Angeles. I wish I knew [?] that they have been [?] in Dallas. I was there for a few hours when we landed at the Dallas FW airport on way [?] my friends who had come from Waco [?] us and took us around the place.
  Looking forward to seeing you soon and well lived regard
. yours sincerely
Lalji Mehrotra
  ps you have mentioned $100 a day for a room as living reasonable. I can assure you I have not won a lottery or come by wealth from unknown quarters. I wish I were wealthy enough to consider anything beyond $ 15 or 20 or 25 as reasonable.   [?]

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