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Letter from Abnashi Ram to R.R. Saksena

Type: Correspondence
Creator: Abnashi Ram

30th December, 1949.

Ref.NO. W/B/2949/49.

R.R. Sexena Esqr.,
Consul General for India in New York,
3 East 64th Street,
New York 21, N.Y.

Dear. Mr. Sexena,

Well, I had an extensive trip all over India from here to Delhi, Kashmir, back in Delhi and then to Calcutta from where I just returned. Your kind letter of no date was received here on November 25th and I highly appreciate your personal remarks about the conditions in India.

As mention to you several times, Pandit Nehru and a few good ones in the Government are doing their utmost to keep the structure standing, but the Capitalist and the Labour both are very uncooperative. The general public is partially at the stage of the stagnancy. Business people feel that cheating and telling lies and more lies are the signs of success. Adulteration of food, medicines, and drugs is considered an art. They are poisoning the guts of thousands of children with white oil, spindle il, argemone seed oil and all kids of adulteration, thereby earning a few beastly pennies, which is leaving the public helpless and all stunned, and nothing is being done. I am in fact sending you a cutting from today’s newspaper and by the way I practically lost my life last week due to the same poison; so you will see how I feel.

These Banias and Marwaris who have the least expenses and whose hobby is to accumulate more blackmarket money, who are more perfect in such methods are flourishing. Delhi officials are helpless, because they have become victims of temporary luxuries that were handed over to them as a British legacy. The big kothis, the good desks and the nice positions they are afraid to lose.

I still repeat that India is far better off in many respects than it was in 1918/19 when the British curse prevailed all over India. They have more clothes, more food and more enjoyments, but unfortunately the morals and morale, the ethics and all the beautiful things on which Gandhiji laid the foundation of his campaign of victory are all disappearing. Do not forget that the Russian Bear is smaking his lips with all the victories in Germany, Europe, Yalta, and Teheran and is coming out of the Hibernation. I would not be surprised if they use Kashmir as a spring-board right after the spring and swallow up India in no time. Twenty thousand air-borne troops from there would not take more than 30 days to finish ip the whole deal. Thanks to U.S.A., due to the fear of which they have been holding back so far.

Personally, I might be prejudiced against Great Britain, but besides the Indian Banias and Marwaris, I lay most of the blame on the British cowardice, in the way they disappeared from India. They did not leave India like America left the Phillippines or Holland is leaving Indonesia. They intentionally and maliciously, like a frustrated old woman, walked out of the country to create chaos, calamities and destruction. The problems are much bigger than anyone anticipated and with a single hand of Pandit Nehru, the structure is still standing.

I never believed in old Puranas, but I am liable to believe now that Nehru, just like Sheshnag, is holding Dharti Mata on one finder with all the sincerity and honesty and integrity inspite of all the opposition from every direction. Criticism is not that is needed, speebhes are useless today, acting mopping up fearlessly the blackmarketeers, the profiteer, the hoarder, the food and medicine adulterator is to be carried out with a stern and strong hand without considering any opposition from the selfish quarters. However inexperienced I might be, I would not mind getting into any department like the Jute industry, the sugar industry, drug industry or medicine industry without a penny reward or without any personal income and with only official back in an unofficial way.

Well, all these above sound stupid and useless as there is not the least chance for any sincere person to get behind this iron curtain, because people like Nehru are sweating blood and tears and cannot make a move; so let us forget it. All I can say is that your office is doing a splendid job with all the limitations and adopting optimistic attitude inspite of pessimistic outlook and let us look forward to some miracle to make 1950 and centuries to come, progressive, prosperous, healthy and independent India. Victory in India was won with no less sacrifice and effort than all the European Wars. Do not let us kid ourselves that the British gave it all for India. It was one of the most sensational Wars which has been ging on since 1856 till 1946, full 90 years. Go bless Gandhiji nowl, Gandhiji of different type. Tolstoy was followed by Lenin, Guru Nanak was followed by Guru Govind Singh, Nehru is helplessly struggling to follow Gandhiji, but the odds are much against him and I am afraid he can not resist them all.

Well, Mr. Sexena, it doesn’t sound like a Happy New Year message, but my heart is anguishing in pain from what I have seen and what I am seeing. I am proud of my country’s achievements so far. They are unique, but I am afraid the so-called transitional period may end in let down, because they will certainly miss the bus.

Write me once a while. With bes wishes for yourself and your family for a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy 1950 and many more to follow,

Yours sincerely,

Abnashi Ram.

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