Letter from Abnashi Ram to R.R. Saksena

Date: November 8, 1949
Type: Correspondence
Creator: Abnashi Ram

8th November, 1949.
R.R. Sexena Esqr.,
Consul General for India in New York,
630 Fifth Avenue,
New York 19 N.Y.

Dear Mr. Sexena,

You must feel a little relaxed after the big load is off your shoulders as Paditji’s trip to United states was a really big responsibility and from the newspapers it seems was well done, well-planned, well organized, very systematic and it is a real good team work.

The press report here has been excellent as you must have known it by this time from the newspapers in India. Mrs. Pandit and yourself were really the backbone of it and with the backing of the American Government, the Press and the public, Nehruji’s personality showed its brilliance like a genuine diamond. He is a great man and has heavy responsibility and duty ahead of him.

As I mentioned previously, the labour, the capital and the people in general in India are not ever/as much behind this administration in India in proportion to the respect and regard expressed by the American people and the administration. However the sound and the substantial opinion of the American public will actually show after his departure from U.S.A. which is more important than all the pomp and show they exhibited while he was there. Being familiar somewhat with the American psychology, I am actually of value to India. Of course it did good in all under any conditions. I must say again that it was well done and well managed.

Natually due to all this pressure of planning this trip, I did not expect to hear from you, but now I would appreciate a word or so from you at least occasionally. My sty here has been much longer than I contemplated and even at present there is no definite plan, but I have to stay till our little business gets going in a smoother way.

The Government here is doing an excellent job. As mentioned previously, people have everything more than they ever had, but the mental attitude of the general public including the capital and the labour needs a little impetus. Things are happening very fast in this world and it is hard to say what could create that atmosphere, but without some new transfusion, things are getting stagnant for the country.

Without making this letter very lengthy, I must express my appreciation of whatever little you have been doing for assisting our office through David and in case my services here could be of any value to you whether in personal matter or in any other way, please drop me a line and I shall be glad to attend to it to the best of my ability.

With my best regard foryourself, Mrs. Sexena and your family,
Yours sincerely,

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