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Letter from Dina Nath Varma to Abnashi Ram

Date: November 30, 1970
Type: Correspondence
Creator: Dina Nath Varma

Diananth Varma
5. Mission Row.
Calcutta-1nbsp&; November 30, 1970

My dear Brother Ram,
I ought to have written this letter to you long ago.

It was indeed a great pleasure spending few days with you at Delhi and Bombay. I am glad you understood me this time. I feel somewhat sad that this understanding came at the fag end of our lives and that we may not have the chance of seeing each other again.

My wife and children talk about you very often. Their regret is that you could not visit Calcutta again.

We, in Calcutta, are passing through a period of tension and insecurity. I have lived the best part of my life here. It pains me a great deal to watch this great city experiencing a sow death. Perhaps, it is all over the world. In a democratic society, a few frustrated persons can create chaos. I wonder if violence by the state can curb the violence of individuals. Shall we have to sacrifice democracy in order to get peace and security?

On the home front, Dr. Wazir chand passed away about a couple months ago. I couldn’t go there but Mrs Varma paid a flying visit to Kaithal.

I have not been able to get your photographs from T.K. He has made promises several times but does not turn up to deliver the goods. I have a suspicion that there is something more that what meets the eyes. Why should he be reluctant in giving the photos?

I am thinking seriously of leaving Calcutta next year with the idea of settling either at Bhubneshwar or at Madras. The problem is that I am too old to get a job somewhere. I am unwilling to start any show of my own because I can not wait long for the fruits of my labour or return on my investments.

Please do remember me to Roshan, Raj and their children.

With best wishes,

Yours affectionately,
Dina Nath


My sister-in-law’s son Pardeep Kakkar and his wife Bonani are in Los Angeles these days. They are prosecuting their studies at U.C.L.A. They are putting up with one Pakistani gentleman who owns an Indian style restaurant. I think Hussan is his name but I am not sure. This letter will be delayed if I try to find out his exact address. If you come across them. Kindly try to be nice to them. I am very fond of them.

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